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Who do you call when you have a broken pipe at home? Where do you go when you need a haircut? What if you were looking for legal advice? Would you ask a friend? A neighbor? Your spouse? Only if they happened to be a plumber, hairdresser or lawyer, right? So why not enlist professional help to reach your life goals? It’s not always best to rely on families or friends to support us in achieving our dreams and goals, so where are we supposed to turn?

All coaches at Life Coach Library are certified professionals. A certified life-coach is trained to help guide goal-oriented people to meet or exceed their personal and professional goals. Coaches help clients identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities. They help you get out of your head and act by being your teacher, motivator, think-tank collaborator, accountability partner, and your personal cheerleader!

They aspire to help you reach your goals in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible. Who couldn’t use a push sometimes? Who couldn’t benefit from fresh ideas that are outside the box? Who can best hold us accountable than someone detached an objective? THAT someone is a certified life-coach who specializes in the area of life you wish to improve!

You will set better goals with a life coach than you will on your own. A coach will help you uncover what you truly desire and separate that from what you think you “should” do but are not passionate about. They will help you gain clarity on what your priorities and identify your key motivators to keep you on track. Staying true to your values is energizing and motivating and a coach will help you get clear on what those goals really are.

You will save time reaching your goals when you work with a coach. Sure, you will invest a little of your time with a coach, but it will pay dividends! You are less likely to make mistakes or use time inefficiently with the assistance of a coach. The most precious resource that cannot ever be recovered is time. Whether you are someone who wastes time in procrastination, or you work very hard but not always very efficiently, a coach can keep you motivated and laser-focused on the best way to achieve your goal. We all “hit a wall” at some point in our journey and a coach will keep you from getting complacent, or simply “stuck”.

Investing in a coach will save you money in the long run!  How much have you spent on gimmicky ideas promising miracles to reach your goals? Have you invested in resources you later found out you didn’t really need? Have you purchased expensive options thinking they were better, only to find there are more practical ways to accomplish the same end? What has not reaching your goal sooner cost you? Having someone who has accomplished their own dreams give you their undivided attention and help you strategize can have a profound impact on your journey and discern what you really need vs. what marketers are persuading you to buy into.

You will breakthrough the limiting beliefs and fears that have kept you from success in the past. Have you thought about changing careers but think you’re too old? Would you love to be rich but deep down think rich people are greedy? Have you tried to get in shape but believe that not being successful in the past means you never will be? These are only a few examples of the thousands of limitations and fears people often give in to, most of the time without even knowing it. Meeting a goal is almost never about having the information. If you want to change careers, finding the school the offers the program is the easy part, right? Facing the fears or limiting beliefs that get in the way…not so easy! Ask anyone who has tried to lose weight about nutrition, most of them can recite a medical journals description of calories eaten and/or calories burned. Does that get them there? Nope, because it’s the internal beliefs that trigger behaviors that need to be overcome. It’s nearly impossible to do this alone, but a coach will provide a safe space to explore what’s really running in the background and make impactful changes.

Do you need a coach? Maybe, maybe not. Where do you want to be a year from now? Is your life today what you’d hoped for last year? As a result of making impactful changes and meeting your goals, you will be happier in many areas of your life. Through the coaching process, you will reduce stress and anxiety. You will have a deeper sense of satisfaction because you are living authentically and in line with your values. You will become more influential and attractive to others. As you lose limiting beliefs and gain momentum in creating the life of your true heart’s desire, you will naturally draw attention and people with react to you as a person of leadership and authority. Whether you embark on a new career or simply find a better work-life balance coaching works! The way you experience life will be more positive and gratifying than ever before.

The Vision of Life Coach Library is to make the online coaching experience a WIN WIN for EVERYONE! By offering convenience and heart-felt support, while being fair-minded , clients and coaches together can co-create action plans that result in improved well-being, enhancing the lives of individuals and having a positive impact on the world!

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The number of people who hire coaches increases exponentially every year!! Both Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine agree that It is one of the fastest growing industries in The United States and will continues through 2022 (and beyond) !
“Problems cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them..”
Albert Einstein

Ask yourself, what could you accomplish if you had somebody by your side who is sincerely interested in you and what matters most to you? Whose attention was completely given to you? Who listened carefully and asked questions that helped you look at your life and yourself, in an entirely new way?

Visualize that person believed in you; had confidence in your abilities to accomplish whatever you set out to; encouraged you to act; and who was your confidant, teacher and cheer-leader you when you did.

Picture that person creating a space where you can explore ideas that you might not tell anyone else about, always being respectful and non-judgmental. Picture having someone who is objective, wise, with a wealth of experience and offering valuable insights as your “right-hand” woman or man.

Imagine the things you could do! This is what you can expect from a certified life-coach.

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There are so many types of things that a life-coach can help clients with, it’s impossible to list them all, but here are some of the most common:

• Time management
• Communication skills
• Money management
• Work life balance
• Organization
• Ending Procrastination
• Building Confidence

• Life-skills
• Finding your true passion
• Empty nest syndrome
• Retirement strategies
• Stress / anxiety / ADHD
• Happiness
• Grief

In addition to the above, most coaches specialize in one or more of the following:


“I enjoyed and benefited greatly from working with a relationship coach! I was in such a dark place, newly single (again), lonely, and depressed. I never felt like my friends really understood and that I was burdening them with my stories. My coach was genuinely interest in me. Some things she said were hard to hear, but she helped me see myself honesty and make positive changes. I now attract healthier people and my life got better in many areas!”

– N.T, Centerville, VA


“I was still amazed at how working with my business coach sparked energy and ideas that I never would have mustered on my own! My business was barely surviving even though I was working day and night. Something needed to change. My coach helped me evaluate and let go of strategies that just weren’t working (even though every article on the internet said to do them) and fine-tune what was. In 6 months, I was able to restructure my business plan and start generating income.”

Alexa C., Providence, RI

Recovery / Personal

“I was sober for years but somehow felt “stuck”. My life was good but something was still missing. On the outside everything seemed great but internally I felt empty. I heard about a coach from a friend, so I reached out. We got to the root of things that I had spent years in therapy trying to figure out. I have a new sense of freedom and peace. Not every day is perfect, but the shift was profound. I wish I had done this year sooner.”

Wanda H. Hagerstown, MD

Health & Wellness

“Reluctant to pay a coach, I believed I should be disciplined enough to diet and exercise on my own. After yet another failure, I decided to stop going it alone. With a coach I discovered my true goals and values which helped me stay motivated. I always tried to please other people but now I just want sanity around food and to be healthy. I finally have that but would never have it without the support of a coach.”

Martha Ramirez, Santa Ana, CA.

99% of people who have used a coach are satisfied with the experience

80% of coaching clients say they have improved confidence

72% of coaching clients say they have increased happiness

73% of coaching clients their relationships have improved

67% of individuals say they received a profitable return on their investment

57% of coaching clients report more efficient time management

72% of coaching clients say they have better communication skills

67% of coaching clients report a better work-life balance

61% of coaching clients report stronger skills in business management

51% of businesses claim they run more effective teams

86% of businesses say they received a profitable return on the investment

All statistics reported from The International Coaching Federation

We are experiencing a total wellness revolution. Our awareness of the effects of stress on our overall health and wellness has increased dramatically, More and more people are taking a total wellness approach to their health which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. The practices of most life coaches are aligned with this and they work with you to strategize a proactive, whole-health approach that supports wellbeing.

With the advancement of technology, almost everything you want is just a click away. This convenience frees up time to pursue education and growth from the convenience of home, the car, or even a hotel room while traveling for business. Our coaches understand the importance of being available remotely and have applied these technological advancements to their services.

Coaching and counseling  are similar in that having the right chemistry and rapport with either professional is crucial to successful meeting your goals. Both are trained in getting their clients to look inward and both hold whatever is said in the strictest of confidence.

Counseling tends to be “problem” centered.  We all have times in life when we need to “fix” something that appears broken or we need to HEAL from a painful experience.  Counselors and therapists usually ask “WHY?” (something happened or felt that way).  They are licensed by the state they practice in to investigate and diagnose the underlying causes of mental health problems. They are expected to give advice and often work in tandem with medical professionals who may prescribe medication.  Life coaches are not (unless specified) qualified to diagnose or treat any health-related problems, and there may be situations that they do suggest you see a licensed therapist

Life coaching is very “goal” centered.  It focuses on what’s happening (or not) in the now aims to accomplish future wants and desires.  Coaching clients are looking to improve their life and have a better future; they are whole in the now and are looking to break through limits and succeed like never before. Coaches ask “HOW?” (to get from here to there).  There may  times when things that happened in the past cause limitations to moving forward and a coach can help you move through those limiting thoughts, but their focus is to help you develop tools to keep moving forward.  Coaches may share personal experiences or thoughts, but they do not generally give advice. Instead, they help their clients to uncover their own wisdom and come up with their own best solutions. 

Have you ever noticed that every award winner opens their acceptance speech by thanking others? Sometimes they thank so many people, there’s hardly any time left to talk about what they accomplished. Know why? Greatness never happens alone!! People who have amazing lives are always working to improve their lives and they work with professionals to help them continually reach the next level.

Let’s be clear…. No one NEEDS coaching. Coaching is only for people who WANT it! Those who are success driven, who are constantly trying to improve their life, who strive to create their ideal life, who recognize that it requires perseverance and diligence, who value and appreciate the guidance and support offered by mentors or coaches are they type of people who hire coaches. In short, coaching works best for those who recognize there is a gap between where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.

You’d love someone’s expertise to help make your ideas a reality.

You’d welcome someone to challenge your thinking and help you to step out of your comfort zone.

You’re successful but you aren’t really happy. You still feel like something is missing but you can’t pin what.

You’ve read a ton of self-help books or attended seminars but you still are not able to consistently apply what you learned in your daily life.

You’re struggling to find your passion or life purpose.

You’re overwhelmed with information and ideas of what you want to do but aren’t sure where to begin.

You’ve tried to break bad habits (quit smoking, lose weight) or create good ones (exercise, save money) and you either don’t meet your goals, or meet them only to revert back to old behaviors.

You feel there is some type of block that gets in the way of your total success.

You find yourself getting distracted and wasting lots of time when you know you should be focusing on your main goals and priorities.

You know you’re capable of achieving and doing more, but you either procrastinate or just get stuck.

You simply want MORE

You want to spend great amounts of time discussing the problem and not the solution.

You want someone to just tell you what to do.

You are not willing to do the heavy lifting between sessions. Collaborating with a life coach is only the first step, the results happen when you hang up the phone and get busy.

There are some situations where a counselor really is the better professional to help you. If you are struggling with any type of medical diagnosis or mental illness, you should at least seek professional help in addition to a coach if not before.

Every great coach has a great coach. When do they hire coaches? Here are the times great coaches will work with their coaches and we suggest you do too:

1. You wonder “How do I make this happen?”

You have a goal. You’ve either tried and didn’t get there; started with excitement and enthusiasm, only to peter-out half way through; or you simply do not know where to start. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, find the love of your life, make a total career switch, or build the business of your dreams, a great coach can help you overcome obstacles, strategize next steps, keep you accountable and motivated, and support you while you create your dream.

2. You realize “Nothing is happening”

You’re simply stuck. Nothing is working and you’re just out of ideas. A coach can help you uncover why you’re stuck, form a collaborative think-tank with you, and reenergize your plans to start moving forward Maybe a new perspective will cause a total paradigm shift.

3. You’re thinking “What the heck is happening?”

Sometimes in life things are beyond our control and nothing seems go right or make sense. Sometimes the root is our own belief systems, others it is because we have changed while than others haven’t, or have we just changed differently. Having an objective coach can help to quickly identify any beliefs that are running in the background and raise your conscious awareness and making moving forward virtually effortless.

4. You’re so excited “Something wonderful happened”

You started a new business, got promoted, married or had a baby, suddenly you don’t recognize your life anymore because life as you knew it no longer exists. Change, even when it is fantastic, can throw us off center. So many unexpected things come with change, even good ones. Your coach can help you navigate this new beginning and support you in transition.

5. You’re in a good place but “Now what happens?”

Maybe you’ve just overcome a major obstacle and are out of the weeds so to speak. Now what? Things are GOOD but you want GREAT. You’re closer than you think! A great coach will help you figure out when your next steps can be. They will help you create that amazing life you’ve been dreaming about and support you through exciting elements that may a little scary but in the most wonderful way

6. You’re not feeling up to par “Something Terrible happened”

Life is not always kind. Loved ones pass away, relationships end in heart-break, healthy people succumb to illness, jobs are lost…. It can just really stink sometimes. I am so sorry if this is you. Having a strong support system is so important when life takes a turn. Its not always easy to turn to friends in these situations and having someone who allows it to be “all about you” by offering you their undivided attention and compassion allows you to process in a confidential and safe place. There are no shortcuts through the grieving process, but a good coach can help you find the path back to living happily, and lighten the sadness and despair.

Ultimately, you are embarking on a life-changing experience if you are open-minded and willing to try new things. A coach will improve your self-awareness, help you stay focused, and access your greatest talents while keeping you motivated to go the distance. You might be able to do this on your own if you are super-disciplined and ambitious, but you can do it so much quicker with motivation and accountability behind you.

As the coaching industry has grown in popularity, online coaching has become the preferred medium for coaching. In fact, online everything has become a way of life. Here’s why online coaching makes the most sense:

1. You’re probably already uber busy!

One of the best parts of working with a coach is saving time in reaching your goals. What’s the gain if it’s inconvenient getting to and from coaching sessions? Between the commute, a full-time job, family, squeezing in a happy-hour with friends, the gym…where is the time to find a coach you love and travel to and from appointments? The flexibility offered by online coaching leaves you much more time to actually do what you love and put your energy towards reaching your goal. Coaching happens anywhere you take your cell phone or tablet.

2. It is simple to find the perfect coach

Finding the right coach is a matter of finding the right chemistry and that means you may have to talk to a few. We recommend three. Think of some of the professionals and services you use in your life: doctors; lawyers; mechanics; hair stylists; home services; etc. Wouldn’t it be awesome if three of each would give you a free sample of their service before you made any commitment? Most of the time, just getting an appointment takes several phone calls and possibly weeks to schedule. Being confined to local professionals is not ideal when the best candidate happens to live in a different state. With Life Coach Library, up to three coaches who can meet your specific needs will offer you a complimentary coaching session, and then you get to decide who you want to succeed with, all from the comfort of your home, car, or hotel room.

3. You can be completely anonymous

Anytime you do something to empower yourself you should be confident and proud. However, a lot of people still prefer to keep working with a coach confidential. Many people find it easier to open-up over the telephone vs. face to face, especially when they know their coach has no connection to any of their local associations and that everything they say is strictly confidential.

Our preliminary questionnaire gives you a chance to share in detail what you are looking to achieve. Based on your criteria, only the coaches who can serve you will contact you. Knowing you’ve got the right professional on the phone creates a safe environment to relax and talk about your deepest desires.

4. You become more empowered and independent.

Another huge win for online life coaching is that your coach remains completely objective and both of you can stay focused on goals with nothing clouding perspective.

An online coach will work with you to develop a strategic action plan, but you alone take those steps. You are never alone though as you do have access to your coach whenever you need a boost. Simply text or email him/her to keep you on track or share your mini victories along the way.

5. It’s Simply More Affordable

Online coaching limits the overhead costs for coaches who are able to pass the savings on to you as reflected in reasonable coaching fees. The last thing you need to be worrying about is another massive bill being added to the pile. Online coaching is almost always more practical live coaching.

Try Coaching RISK-FREE today with up to 3 coaching sessions ON US!

Deciding to hire a life coach can be the most empowering decision you make. The mission of Life Coach Library is answer your questions about coaching and help you find the best coach for your goals. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team for more information.

Try Coaching RISK-FREE today with up to 3 coaching sessions ON US!

Deciding to hire a life coach can be the most empowering decision you make. The mission of Life Coach Library is answer your questions about coaching and help you find the best coach for your goals. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team for more information.

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I received my coaching certification in 2012. I have been very effective and successful coaching clients extensively in nutrition and working towards a healthy lifestyle to clients going through an emotional time such as a divorce. I love what I do and there is no greater reward than seeing the transformations that my clients make.

As your partner and coach, I will support you and help you identify what is in the way of your desires. We begin by taking an overview of your life and identifying areas that need action and attention. Working together we will establish goals and I will keep you accountable working towards those goals. There is nothing you cannot change or work towards.

An important and extensive part of my training has been from my own life experiences. Finding my perfect career, family break-downs, relationship issues and endings, coming from a divorced family, to name a few have taught me life lessons that help me to work with clients. The best work comes from you, sometimes we simply need someone else to help get us started.

I look forward to working with you!

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