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Unhappy and unfulfilled in your present career and really want to pursue something completely different, but you don’t? You want to go for that promotion but find yourself stopping short of applying for it? You really want to be in a serious relationship but find yourself backing away to avoid
It’s the New Year, a time for new beginnings, a fresh start. Inspiring, right? Then why do I feel defeated already? Looking back on the past year, I wanted change, I wanted results, I had the best intentions, but everything remained pretty much the same. I’m still in the same
Your limiting beliefs aren’t doing you any good. In fact, they’re keeping you from living your best life. Learn how to get rid of them!  Our beliefs define who we are. For better or for worse, what we believe dictates our behavior, thoughts, and reactions.   If the belief is strong
Are you wandering around life without knowing your life purpose? That’s not truly living. Learn how to unlock your passion in this guide.  You may be content with your life, but are you happy?  According to the most recent findings from the Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness, the answer
Are you feeling like there has to be more to life? Or you have to be able to do more? Learn how to get that next level life in this post.  Do you feel like your life is a bit stagnant at the moment?  Would you like to be able to both recognize and take
Intuitively, many of us know the changes (or at least some of them), that we must make in order to get to where we want to be. Yet despite this, we still struggle to make those changes. We get caught up in the other matters of our lives. we lose
Stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled with your career? Pay attention to the signs. It might be time to transform your career. I’ve been there and transforming my career was the best thing I could have done. Make no mistake. Transforming a career is not an overnight job. It takes courage, perseverance
Written by Wendy Cope, Personal-Growth & Recovery Coach, Have you ever noticed when a friend comes to you for advice about a situation it is so easy to offer great ideas and solutions to them, yet, when confronted with our own it is much harder to see clearly and

Merry Christmas!

For my December blog I thought I’d write some helpful tips to stay sane through the holidays. However, two days ago, I was at the grocery store. I was third in line in the express checkout lane. While waiting, I notice three different magazines with articles on managing stress during
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