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What is a Business Coach?

A business coach will help aspiring entrepreneurs or current business owners run a business by helping them clarify their goals and execute effective strategies that get results. The process of business coaching takes businesses from where they are now to where they want to be.

After clarifying where an owner would like to take their business, business coaches will help plan and prioritize goals and strategies to progress towards the goals. A business coach connects with the business owner routinely to keep them accountable to commitments as promised.

A coach is not a consultant. The biggest difference is that a consultant focuses on advising their clients on what to do, while a coach will assist them in goal planning and hold them accountable so that they achieve success.

Why should you have a business coach?

Coaches bring years of experience to the table. They help clients create a road-map to reach their goals and ultimate success. They offer an objective perspective on the business strategy and help owners see which tasks need immediate attention and which are long-term objectives. This way, they keep you focused on the results and what is most important right now.

Being successful in business demands consistent hard work. Coaches keep clients motivated through the highs and lows of the business and sales cycles so that they stay the course. A coach and client will form a “think-tank” to generate fresh ideas. A coach will also be a sounding board, listening to ideas without judgement or criticism. One of the most important advantages to having a coach is that they will see your business and personal blind spots because they remain objective and unbiased. They will also help track and measure progress so that you can adjust as needed.

What is a Sales Coach?

Have a fantastic idea of a product or service but need help selling it? Sales coaches help build skills and confidence for navigating both short and long-term sales processes which result in a better closing ratio and more profits.

A seasoned sales coach understands the emotional highs and lows of sales deeply as they have had careers in sales as well. Staying positive and motivated is important in any profession but critical in sales. Having a coach who is your personal cheerleader will boost your enthusiasm and be a healthy release for stress so that it does not interfere with sales performance or your personal life.

Whether you’re in business or in sales, going it alone is tough! The support received from friends, family and colleagues is well intentioned, but often they are too concerned with your feelings and unable to be totally honest. However, with a coach you have someone who knows the industry inside and out giving you their undivided, unbiased attention and offering expertise that took years to develop so you don’t have to.

Take your sales and business to the next level with a business coach!

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