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Just Be You

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The Biggest, Best, & Easiest Secret for Business & Branding for Solopreneurs, Artists & Creatives

The easiest way to be authentic is to just be *YOU* and *ALL-YOU*! Yep, this is the fast track to winning the game of success in life and business. The more we can tap into who we are, the more we can let our inner lights shine for all the world to see.

It is no secret and it’s the easiest thing to do once you open yourself up to it. The more you can bring YOU to the table, the more your life and business will explode.

I am sure that we have all heard the term ‘being authentic’ when it comes to marketing and branding, but really it all boils down to being who we are. We all came unto this earth with our own uniqueness, which is the whole point! We are supposed to be who we are and share our unique offerings with the world.

The picture used in this article is a perfect example. That was me being me and writing out those words, and my friend was being herself holding up the card in the sun with her own hands. This is an example of just being yourself and weaving it into your work.

We are all artists! We are all creators! We are all expressions of creativity! When we allow ourselves the freedom to be who we are and to express ourselves, it blows the lid off! Being YOU will take your life and your business to explosive levels and will unleash even more.

There is a freedom in being yourself. It is tantalizing in fact!

One of the keys to being and accepting who you are is to look at your past as the gift that it is! All of the experiences that you have had have made you who you are today! Personally, I do not look at my past in a negative way. I see all of the experiences as the stepping stones and the contrast that I needed to show me what I DO want in my life and work, and to get me to this point today.

Try to actively bring YOU into the art of your life and work. This can actually get to be a lot of fun and once again awakens the childlike wonder in ourselves and the way we look at the world.

Your potential clients or customers will resonate more with you when you are being YOU because everyone at their core, just wants the freedom and self- confidence to be who THEY are.

The world needs more of us being who we are right now. There has a never been a better time to let your soul shine and to share it with the world. One by one, we all make a unique difference and it all counts.

Maggie Holbik, CLC, CHN, NNCP, RNT
Certified Life & Business Coach
Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner
Registered Nutritional Therapist
Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Lover of Life! 🙂 www.MaggieHolbik.com

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Merry Christmas!


For my December blog I thought I’d write some helpful tips to stay sane through the holidays. However, two days ago, I was at the grocery store. I was third in line in the express checkout lane. While waiting, I notice three different magazines with articles on managing stress during the holidays. I pick up one and skim over it. If I’m honest, I can’t add a whole lot to it. Still third in line in the express lane. I pick up another, and again, it steals my thunder even though I believe I could make it funnier 😊

Now, second in line in the express lane, I pick up the third one. I don’t know what it said really because the cashier is having a social conversation with the person in front of me (deep sigh) and I am suddenly fixated on why the heck the express lane is taking so bloody long. I start to feel annoyed and impatient. My heart beats faster and the thoughts in my head aren’t exactly “Merry Christmas and Good Will to all”. I just skimmed three articles on surviving the holidays yet here I am growing tense and annoyed because I am not getting through the express lane fast enough? Hmm…that starts to sink in.

(deep breath) I have come to believe that we really do have a choice in how we feel. It starts with how we think. I know from experience that I have about a ½ second window between thinking and feeling to decide if I’m going to spiral down in negativity or consciously turn in a positive direction. For simplicity, let’s say that all feelings can be grouped as68

either positive or negative; pretty easy to grasp, right? Good. Now, what if all I said that all positive feelings are rooted in LOVE and all negative feelings are rooted in FEAR and in the end, those are the only two feelings there are. LOVE and FEAR. Every feeling we have roots in one of those two. I read once that love only exists in the light (I prefer to say God) and fear lives in the dark; darkness cannot exist where there is light, and fear cannot exist when there is love. A slice of darkness cannot destroy light, but shine a light and darkness disappears. Love easily destroys fear.

So ‘tis the season when everything is supposed to be all happy and joyous and from a place of LOVE. What happens if it just isn’t? There are so many scenarios that a person may not be feeling all love all the time. Sometimes, fear just creeps in and negative feelings come up; it’s part of the human condition. While we can’t always stop it (fear) from creeping on us, we can empower ourselves to change our thinking and therefore change how we feel (which will change the way we act and that shapes our realities).

Back to being third in line in the express lane and it’s taking much longer than expected. Maybe you’ve skimmed three articles and now the cashier is chatting it up with someone. If you’re like me, there’s a ½ second window to choose between:

“this is the longest express line in the history of the world and I can’t believe she’s just chatting it up…can’t she see me waiting…groan, sigh.”. Heartbeat races, nerves feel prickly, head gets busy. And then there’s the domino effect…leave the store and feel annoyed at the bells the Salvation Army volunteer rings, exasperation at all the people and traffic in parking lot, get home and the damn dog is spazzing out just because someone’s home….you get it.


“It’s kind of sweet to see the connection between these two people and the quaintness of this area. I not really in a hurry to get home to……to fold laundry.” Heart stops racing, nerves calm down, head stays in the here and now. And then there’s the domino effect…leave the store and the bells from the Salvation Army volunteer sound festive and bring a wave of gratitude, there’s a sense of excitement seeing the people scurrying in the parking lot, I get home and feel blessed to have 80 pounds of puppy love jumping for joy that her humans are home…you get it.

It really is that simple. We choose how we feel, and the only two feelings to choose from are LOVE or FEAR which live in either light or darkness.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a 2019 full of love!

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