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Certified Life Coach

There is currently no federal regulation in the coaching industry although the field is growing so fast, it likely will not be long. All coaches at Life Coach Library must provide proof that they are certified as coaches. A certified life coach is a coach who has completed training with an accredited coaching institution. These programs are taught by experienced coaches who have reached a Master Coach credential. At present, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the only body that oversees the coaching profession and has the authority to deem the quality of a program before granting accreditation.

There are several skills that certified coaches have shown competency in, thus setting them apart for untrained people claiming to be coaches.

Certified Coaches have been trained in the following competencies:

  • Adhere to ethical guidelines determined by the International Coaching Federation.
  • Honed knowledge and skills that differentiates them from counselor and consultants.
  • Treat client as an equal and collaborative partner respecting that the client is the authority of their own process while creating opportunities to explore options.
  • Listen actively to support the client yet occasionally asking intuitive and provocative questions to promote deeper self-exploration.
  • Makes the client aware of inconsistency between their thoughts, emotions and actions; Reframe possibilities to shift perspective.
  • Shows the client areas of strength and elicits and supports their resources; shows the client where habits are holding them back and explores options that serve them better.
  • Explores the client’s values and makes the client aware of them; Works with the client to overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Works with the client to clarify their goals and check that they are congruent with their values.
  • Clearly requests actions that will lead the client towards their goals.
  • Helps the client to develop an appropriate, measurable action plan with target dates

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