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Emotional healing

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by Maha (–)
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Arranging my life. Committed to exercising. Better mom for my girl. Peace of mind. Ability to enjoy things in life.

11 months ago
Cairo Egypt
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I need to decide whether to marry or not

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by Jgi11111 (–)
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I’m in long term relationships with my boyfriend for 4 years. I’m 28 years old and it’s my first long term relationships. He is 25 years old and it’s his first long term relationships too. We have met each other at the university and spent 1 year together. Then 6 month had internships in different…

4 months ago
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I want to reduce anxiety caused by recent life transitions and also support with my romantic relationship which is currently challenged

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by Camifan (–)
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Anxiety reduction/elimination Better stress coping skills Better communications skills Building and keeping boundaries in love Connecting to feminine energy Honoring my partner’s feelings while respecting and honoring mine too Finding joy and happiness in every day

1 year ago
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