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Find balance, live in the present, and appreciate what I have

I’m striving to find balance in my life. My current strategy is rapidly pushing me towards burning out and not sustainable. I consider myself successful but nowhere near where I’d like to be. I’m well traveled, love science and not particularly spiritual. I have a wonderful family (a wife and 3 kids). Even though I consider myself a fun dad I live in constant fear that I’m going to regret that I didn’t spend enough time with my kids. My wife will occasionally remind me of this. I started my own company last year and this has exacerbated my anxiety. I feel trapped but have a great opportunity on my hands. My lack of balance has become painfully evident as a result of the sheltering at home from the pandemic.

How did you learn about Reddit
Your Location: Raleigh, NC
Your age range: 36-45
Your gender: Male
Do you prefer male or female coach? NP
Other areas of coaching you are interested in: (check all that apply) Family/Relationships, Health/Fitness, Spiritual, Addictions/Recovery, Personal Growth, General Life Coaching
Most of our coaches offer a complimentary coaching session. How serious are you about working with a coach once you find the right fit? Probably
What are the 3 goals you’d like to reach in the next 6 months? Some sort of balanced lifestyle. I know that’s vague. More concrete goals would be to eat almost exclusively a vegetarian diet while phasing out beer, ramp my exercise regiment back up, be a better husband and father
What are some obstacles that have kept you from meeting your goals? I don’t know. I guess I’m just kind of in a funk in some ways because I’ve been so dedicated to getting the company I started off the ground.
If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you love to do? It may sound trite, but start a successful company.
Describe what is working well in your life and what is not right now. Hmmm. I guess everything is going well enough. I’ve been working from home for the past year and a half so I get to see my family a lot. I was hitting the gym a lot and feeling great before the pandemic locked everything down.
Gain clarity of issues and/or help define goals 9
Understand what motivates you 9
Explore what is holding you back 8
Gain insight into your strengths, capabilities and potential 7
Provide encouragement and support 10
Help strategize action and next steps 8
Challenge you with difficult questions 8
Provide honest and direct feedback 10
Hold you accountable for your goals 7
Raleigh, NC

Bids (3)

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