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I need someone interested to hear me out for accountability

-Structure my life and my days
-Sleep and Wake up early, journal, read, gym daily, eat healthy, cook my food, manage my finances, work on my passion project and my blog and take courses, dancing and yoga, work on my beliefs like read in religions, (recently broke up with the one I loved the most and lost a lot of my faith both at the same time so I want to heal), read, time with friends and family, work, organized tidy house, enjoy life in the now, know my values, etc… BALANCE

How did you learn about Google:D
Your Location: Cairo
Your age range: 26-35
Your gender: Female
Do you prefer male or female coach? Male
Other areas of coaching you are interested in: (check all that apply) Family/Relationships, Health/Fitness, Spiritual, Business/Entrepreneur, Personal Growth, General Life Coaching
Most of our coaches offer a complimentary coaching session. How serious are you about working with a coach once you find the right fit? Probably
What are the 3 goals you’d like to reach in the next 6 months? Non negotiable Sleep schedule, Health and Fitness goals (Gym Daily, Yoga and dancing classes, cook my healthy food and stick to my diet), My beliefs (Time to read)
What are some obstacles that have kept you from meeting your goals? Procrastination, Time management, Tiredness, Many goals at the same time, Whenever I mess up I continue to mess up lose motivation and start over, My sleep, I don't commit to a single thing till success
If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you love to do? Structure a balanced day
Describe what is working well in your life and what is not right now. I know myself, I know my dreams, I know how to get them, I just don't focus on one thing long enough to succeed without messing up something else in my life:D, Now I have a crisis cuz I have strong doubts in my belief system, I broke up with the love of my life, my life was going great till this happened and I am trying to structure it back but it's not that easy building all the habits again, I have a steady good 9-5 job, a lovely family, I have many friends as I am very sociable, not anyone that I'd pick and talk to everyday though.
Gain clarity of issues and/or help define goals 1
Understand what motivates you 1
Explore what is holding you back 1
Gain insight into your strengths, capabilities and potential 1
Provide encouragement and support 10
Help strategize action and next steps 10
Challenge you with difficult questions 10
Provide honest and direct feedback 10
Hold you accountable for your goals 10

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