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Transition to a new career

I’m 41 years old, married with 3 children. I’m from Kuwait and am currently working as an IT Director at a technology company. I would like to work on the following areas of my life:

– Review & confirm my life purpose (to help people overcome their limiting beliefs in their work and personal lives to live a more satisfying, healthier and rewarding life).

– Plan my career change from an IT executive to a Life Coach with my own online business.

– Stay motivated in both my current career and in working towards my new career.

– Adopt healthier habits (consistent exercise & sleeping better).

– Stay accountable towards achieving my goals.

My preferred times are after 8pm Kuwait time (GMT+3).

How did you learn about Google
Your Location: Kuwait
Your age range: 36-45
Your gender: Male
Do you prefer male or female coach? Male
Other areas of coaching you are interested in: (check all that apply) Career, Health/Fitness, Business/Entrepreneur, Personal Growth, General Life Coaching
Most of our coaches offer a complimentary coaching session. How serious are you about working with a coach once you find the right fit? Definitely
What are the 3 goals you’d like to reach in the next 6 months? 1. Complete my Life Coach training. 2. Exercise regularly (min. 3 times a week). 3. Close a sales deal at work.
What are some obstacles that have kept you from meeting your goals? 1. Lack of motivation. 2. Busy schedule & low energy. 3. New to sales and not focused on this role.
If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you love to do? Become a Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
Describe what is working well in your life and what is not right now. I'm maintaining a daily meditation & yoga practice. My relationship with my wife and daughters is good. I am working out but not consistently. Still not sticking to a good sleep schedule.
Gain clarity of issues and/or help define goals 10
Understand what motivates you 10
Explore what is holding you back 10
Gain insight into your strengths, capabilities and potential 10
Provide encouragement and support 10
Help strategize action and next steps 10
Challenge you with difficult questions 10
Provide honest and direct feedback 10
Hold you accountable for your goals 10

Bids (2)

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