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Growing you Coaching Practice with Life Coach Library is simple:

• Fill out the registration form
• Upload proof of coach training
• Within 24 hours you will receive notification that your registration is approved OR we need more information.
• Upon approval, receive 1 FREE credit to bid on a potential client.
• Complete your coach profile so that clients can get to know you when you bid on them.
• Bid on a client referral, connect with them and build your coaching practice.

Best Practices:

• Bid on a client, use the space available to respond directly to what they are looking for. They will also see whatever you wrote in your profile so no need to rewrite that.
• Hopefully you hear back by email within 24 hours. If not follow up. After you’ve bid, you will have their email address and phone number. WhatsApp is a great tool for making international calls that are very low-cost or free.
• We suggest 3 attempts at contact through email and/or phone contact. Use your best judgement.
• Give your complimentary coaching session/discovery call. All clients are promised a complimentary session. How you conduct this is up to you.
•  If a client is not ready to enroll with you just yet, add them to your email list, they may need a little more time. Stay connected.


Our registration process may take up to 24 hours for an account approval.  We monitor all coaches to ensure our clients have professional opportunities.

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What makes Life Coach Library the Best Client Lead Generation Website?

  • The most affordable leads for coaches.
    • Your first referral is FREE
    • From there, 1 credit = 1 “bid” or referral.
  • Pay as you go option, no credit card needed to register.
  • Select only the leads you like so you can find your ideal client.
  • A maximum of 3 coaches can bid on any client lead, giving you a fair chance of finding new coaching clients.
  • Clients pay you directly and you keep 100% of your fees, no commissions charged!
  • Global reach so you can grow your coaching business around the world.
  • Opportunities to guest blog and leverage your expertise.

Created by coaches who have been clients, Life Coach Library offers a win-win solution to find your next coaching client!

Watch this tutorial for more tips to get the most out of our website!

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