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Every one of us is ready to breathe a sigh of relief and live life with some sense of normalcy.  Unfortunately, for those who are left having to find a  job, the crisis isn’t entirely over.  The global pandemic has taken a toll on the physical and mental health of the world population. Still, it has also has dismantled the fundamental pillars of the economy.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the number of jobs slashed as a direct result of COVID-19 is between 30 and 40 million.     Things are starting to look a little brighter as the economy slowly opens back up. However, there is still uncertainty if companies will begin to recruit new employees.  A common belief is that they might release even more of their existing workforce.

However, this is not reality.  So, instead of obsessing over the scarcity of jobs, try to look on the brighter side of the picture. According to expert economists, the best way to battle the looming recession is to adapt and adapt quickly.  That is great news as long as you are openminded and can think outside of the box. 

Here are some suggestions from our career coaches that will make finding a job a little easier and improve your chances of landing one.

First and foremost, stay realistic.

If you are currently employed, but you hate your job and are looking for a new opportunity, don’t do anything abrupt until you have a solid offer.   Instead, try and find ways to make your present job livable until you secure something better.   Sometimes a shift in perspective can completely change the way you feel.

find a job

Think of something you do enjoy doing and consider what makes that fun for you.  For example, I love to solve puzzles, but I strongly dislike accounting. When I do my books, I spend a few minutes getting myself in a better mindset by looking at Quick Books as one big puzzle.  Granted, it does not make it my favorite thing to do, but it does decrease the pain tremendously.  Conversely, the more I engage in thinking about what I don’t like, the more physical angst I feel, and it becomes unbearable.  Ultimately, for most people, having a job you don’t love is better than not having one at all.  Plus, if a company is indeed letting people go, a bad attitude will put you on the shortlist.   Keep in mind that present circumstances are somewhat temporary.  A positive attitude and a dose of gratitude will make it tolerable.

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You might find a job, but it may not be your dream job.

If you are amongst the unemployed, we suggest spending some time getting clear about what you need versus what you want.  We are not saying you cannot find your dream job right now, but it could take some time.   Only you know if it is practical to hold out for what you want or to accept something that meets your needs for now.  Consider putting your skills to use and try freelancing on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.   These gigs are one you can do anytime and anywhere if you have an internet connection.

 You can turn anything into a positive if you are willing to see the upside of things.  On the positive side, you’ve bought yourself some time to polish your skills and resume.  Remember too that it is easier to find a job when you have a job. It will alleviate most of the panic and fear of rejection many job-seekers face.  For this reason, you will be more confident during interviews and confidence sells.  If nothing else, your next employer will be impressed that you’ve managed to keep yourself busy amid all the chaos.   

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If you don’t find a job right away, make the most out of free online resources.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and this dark haze known as the novel Coronavirus is no exception. In light of the situation, several renowned universities and institutions have made their resources free and accessible by people from every corner of the world. Grab as many of them as you can, but stick to the ones that are relevant to your field of pursuit. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone.  Firstly, it speaks to your level of ambition and eagerness to grow.  Secondly, you’ll be able to add new knowledge and/or skill to your resume.  You increase your chances of placing yourself ahead of your competitors.

Take advantage of online networking. 

Most employers advertise less than half of the jobs they hope to fill and hire though referrals instead.  Now that we work, socialize, learn, and shop online, it is vital to make the most of building social networks.  Hence, seek professional groups from your desired industry on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.  From there, gradually build your network by actively engaging in discussions. 

Namely, leave thought out and constructive comments on posts shared by both companies and professionals you hope to connect with. This is not a good time to be funny, snarky, or engage in debate.  Instead, keep your tone casual yet professional and stay on topic.  That way, you position yourself to demonstrate understanding and expertise.  Once you establish some rapport with new connections, it is acceptable to politely ask if they would forward your resume to their management. The same goes for former colleagues.  

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What if you found a job, and then the Coronavirus came along?

If you’re among those who knocked it out of the park in your February interview, all is not lost.  Maybe you haven’t heard back, or you got an offer only to have the opportunity evaporate with the crisis.  We know how frustrating and disappointing this must be, but don’t give up. 

find a job

Now that the economy is reopening, it is a great time to reach out to those potential employers. A short and concise email should be enough.  You want to present yourself professionally without coming off as needy.  Acknowledge the challenges they have faced and express your continued interest in the company. Reiterate the valued skills you bring and how they will benefit the company post-pandemic.  Even if they are not hiring just yet, it keeps your name fresh and lets them know you are sincerely interested.  

Stay Positive

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it can be overwhelming to find a job.  Don’t get discouraged. Need help staying focused? You can talk with up to 3 career coaches on us!  Your coach will help you focus your job search, write a resume that’s gets found by search engines, get ready for interviews, follow up effectively, and even negotiate appropriately.

All you have to do is register and fill out a short questionnaire.  There is no fee to join or obligation to hire a coach, but we ask that you are sincere in your inquiry.  What are you waiting for?

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