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Learn What a Health and Wellness Coach Is

A Health and Wellness Coach will help you reach your goals and create permanent change.

What is a Health and Fitness Coach?

A health and fitness coach is a professional who works with an individual or groups that have a health or physical goal, whether it is to eat healthier or have a certain physique. This takes place by way of helping you to make a lifestyle change that helps reach your desired health or physique and maintain it.

What does a health and fitness coach do?

Health and fitness coaches motivate clients who have a desire to reach health and fitness related goals that they may have but have not been able to accomplish by themselves. Some of the more common goals are eating healthy, losing weights and building a desired physique, just to name a few.

The coach helps you to identify roadblocks that have prevented you from attaining your health and fitness goals and works with you to make those goals a reality.

How does this process begin?

– The process begins with a conversation in person or via phone. During the duration of this conversation, you inform the coach what he/she wants to accomplish.

– The coach proceeds to work with the you to create a program that is designed to meet your goals.

– The coach creates a detailed action plan for you outlining each step needed to be taken to achieve your goals, along with foreseeable challenges that might stand in the way of achieving them.

– Your coach guides you through the steps needed to be taken to reach your desired goals. As a team, you and your coach carry out their tasks to make your goals a reality.

– The coach provides the client motivation, support and the necessary tools needed to reach your emotional health and physical goals. The time duration to complete each step towards the goals varies, depending on the individual goal and the clients work ethics. Your coach will hold you accountable to keeping your commitments.

What will YOU be doing?

Your coach will assign you things to do to work towards your goals in between coaching sessions. You will be held accountable for performing those assigned tasks and will receive support along the way from your coach. The length of time from beginning to completion of the goals will depend on when the client and coach agree on a beginning date and ending date. This can range from 3 months to 6 months or even longer if you should want or need more time. The details of this will be discussed and agreed upon by both the client and coach during the initial consultation and revisited if necessary.

How Do You Know You Need a Coach?

Do you feel like you need to make a health change whether it be eating healthier, losing weight or wanting a certain physique but have not been able to accomplish it on your own? Have you achieved some results but you either fell short or the changes did not last? Do you want the above health and physique goals but lack the motivation to be consistent or plan? These are the most common reasons people like you seek out a Health and Wellness coach. They can assist and motivate you, giving you that support and push that you are missing to reach your ultimate success!

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How do I find a Health and Wellness Coach?

You can browse the web for a certified health and fitness coach. Sometimes it’s hard to know who to choose and we do recommend you talk to 2-3 coaches to find your best fit. All coaches at Life Coach Library have completed coach training and are certified. Simply register, fill out a questionnaire and we’ll find up to 3 coaches for you to talk to and choose from. Or if you prefer, you may choose a specific coach from our directory and we’ll connect you to them.

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