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Learn What a Health and Wellness Coach Is

A Health and Wellness Coach will help you reach your goals and create permanent change.

What is a Health and Fitness Coach?

A health and fitness coach is a professional who works with an individual or group with a health or physical goal, whether it is to eat healthier or have a defined physique. This takes place by helping you make a lifestyle change that helps reach your desired health or physique and maintain it.

Health & Wellness Coach – Lifestyle Change

Achieving health and wellness is not about having the information. It Requires a Lifestyle Change!

On average, half of what effects your health and wellness is your lifestyle. Despite this, most people who desire to either lose weight, improve fitness, or both have made several attempts on their own and come up short. On top of that, there’s always a new fad approach, and marketers who claim their products produce miracles. In the end, the sheer volume of information about carbs, protein, fat, calories, what to eat, what to avoid, when to eat, how many calories, etc., is immeasurable. 

The only thing second to that is the amount of information telling everyone they must undergo a lifestyle change. The question that remains is:

How does one achieve lasting results in pursuing a lifestyle change?

Unfortunately, doctors only diagnose these problems and treat dis-ease. But how often is it a doctor who truly helps their patient achieve that long-lasting lifestyle change? In many cases, the patient feels embarrassed and ashamed with literally perpetuates the limiting beliefs that created the situation.

And then there’s the nutritionist. Nutritionists are great at devising menus, which is very critical to achieving your goals. However, having the list isn’t much help when it’s 5:00 pm on Monday, and it was a stressful day at work, traffic is insane, you’re frazzled, hungry, and tired and suddenly have amnesia as to why you were on a menu as you drive by your favorite fast-food drive-thru.

That’s when having a coach that you can call or text, RIGHT THEN, is invaluable. Not only will a coach help you through those moments  of temptation, but they will also help you uncover the underlying thoughts and beliefs happening at that moment so that you can change them to more empowering ones.

A coach helps you make a real lifestyle change by:

  •  Helping you identify your priorities and what interferes with them
  •  Slowing down the thought process to gain awareness into limiting beliefs
  •  Uncover and release any emotional blockages
  •  Strategize how to achieve your goals
  •  Visualize your goals, and the goals under your goals
  •  Make them a reality

You can do this on your own, but you will achieve success much faster and be more fulfilled with the collaboration of a life coach.

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 What does a health and fitness coach do?

Health and fitness coaches motivate clients who desire to reach health and fitness-related goals that they may have but have not been able to accomplish by themselves. Some of the more common goals are eating healthy, losing weight, and building the desired physique, naming a few.
The coach helps you identify roadblocks that have prevented you from attaining your health and fitness goals and works with you to make those goals a reality.


How does this process begin?

– First, you will have a discovery session, also called a consultation. You bring the agenda and tell your coach exactly what you want to accomplish.

– Then, a coach actively works with you to create a program designed to meet your specific goals.

– Ultimately, you can your coach create a detailed action plan that outlines each step you need to take to achieve your goals. In addition to action steps, together, you identify foreseeable challenges that might stand in the way of success. It is vital to have a strategy in place to overcome these obstacles when they arise.

– From there, your coach guides you through those steps and holds you accountable. They help you “dig deep” to find your inner source of motivation and grit. They cheer you own when you are victorious, and they hold you help you “get back up” when you stumble. As a team, you and your coach turn possibility into reality.

– In short, your coach provides motivation, support, and strategic tools useful to reach your emotional health and physical goals.

-Lastly, the length of time it takes to reach each milestone varies. Naturally, it depends on both the target and your sustained efforts. Your coach will hold you accountable for keeping your commitments.

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What will YOU be doing?

For one thing, your coach will assign you things to do in between coaching sessions. Certainly, you will be held accountable for performing those assigned tasks and will receive support along the way from your coach.


To repeat, the length of time it takes depends on several factors. The commitment can range from 3 months to 6 months, or at times, longer. In a word, this is one of the main purposes of the initial consultation. You can revisit this later on, if necessary.

How Do You Know You Need a Coach?

Generally speaking, people reach out to a health and wellness coach when they need to make a change like eating healthier, losing weight, or wanting to get in shape but have not been able to accomplish it on your own. At other times, they have achieved some results, but either fell short, or the changes were not lasting. All in all, they have wellness goals and believe they will go further with the support of someone who is objective. A Health and Wellness Coach is a trained professional who will help motivate you, give you that support and push that you are missing to reach your ultimate success!

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How do I find a Health and Wellness Coach?

You can browse the web for a certified health and fitness coach. Sometimes it’s hard to know who to choose, and we do recommend you talk to 2-3 coaches to find your best fit. All coaches at Life Coach Library have completed coach training and are certified. Register, fill out a questionnaire, and we will find up to 3 coaches for you. They will all offer you a complimentary consultation so that you are confident with the coach you choose. Or, if you prefer, you may choose a specific coach from our featured coaches page and contact them directly.


Making Goal Oriented Choices

What’s at Stake?

health and wellness coach

health and wellness coach

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