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Health & Fitness – Lifestyle Change

Achieving Health and Wellness Is Not About Having the Information

It Requires a Lifestyle Change!

Over half of what effects your health and wellness is your lifestyle. Most people who desire to either lose weight, improve fitness or both have made several attempts on their own and come up short. There’s always a new fad approach and marketers who claim their products produce miracles. The magnitude of information available about macronutrients, which ones to eat, which to avoid, theories of calories in, calories out, and what time of day to eat them is immeasurable. The only thing second to that is the amount of information telling everyone they must undergo a lifestyle change. The question that still remains is: How does one achieve lasting results in pursuing a lifestyle change?

Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat dis-ease. But how often is it a doctor who truly helps their patient achieve such a phenomenon? In many cases, the patient feels embarrassed and ashamed with literally perpetuates the limiting beliefs that created the situation to begin with. Nutritionists are great at devising menu’s which is very critical to achieving your goals. However, having the menu isn’t much help when it’s 5:00 pm on Monday and it was a stressful day at work, traffic is insane, you’re stressed, hungry, and tired and suddenly have amnesia as to why you were on a menu as you drive by your favorite fast food drive-thru. That’s when having a coach that you can call or text, RIGHT THEN, is invaluable. Not only will a coach help you through that minutes of temptation, but they will also help you uncover the underlying thoughts and beliefs happening in that moment so that you can change them to more empowering ones in the future.

A coach helps you make a true lifestyle change by:

* Helping you identify your priorities and what interferes with them.

* Slowing down the thought process to gain awareness into limiting beliefs

* Uncover and release any emotional blockages that are embedded with faulty beliefs

* Strategize how to achieve your goals

* Really visualize your goals, and the goals under your goals

* Make them a reality

It is possible that you can do this on your own, but you will achieve success much faster and be more fulfilled with the collaboration of a life coach.

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