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Inspire and Become a Leader

‘Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others’ 

 Jack Welsh, (former) CEO of General Electric

The difference between a rookie and a seasoned leader is the level of ability to connect with people and influence their lives. Gone are the days when leaders were praised for being fierce and controlling others for their own or the company’s gain.  The word for that today is a tyrant or dictator and comes with no admiration. Learn to be an inspirational leader> As a result, you will have the greatest impact on your own life and career as well as changing the lives and careers of those around you.   

The tyrant, the micromanager, or the absentee leader.

No one respects a leader who is selfish, rude, and condescending.   You know the type, with the “do as I say and not as I do” attitude.  What hypocrisy. 

Then there is the micromanager.  Micromanagers only see one way to do things, and that is their way.  This narrow perspective is costly.   It costs employee moral and excludes what could prove to be brilliant ideas from your staff.   Lastly, is the absentee leader, who has such a laissez-faire approach that they don’t even know what is happening in their team.   Neither of these is particularly inspirational.    

The inspiring leader gives autonomy to their group but stays present.  They listen to their staff, ask questions, engage in new ideas, and do whatever they can to obliterate obstacles that stand in the way of moving forward.  

 An inspirational leader doesn’t just “talk the talk,” but they “walk the talk” too.  They aspire to show what is exemplary in all facets of life, not just at work. While they are incredibly confident, they aspire to instill confidence in others. They aren’t driven by power or control; or barking out orders but instead by a desire to create a vision that motivates others to act 

Inspirational Leaders are visionaries.

For many people, one of the first names that come to mind is Steve Jobs.  Jobs was able to motivate his team to create a product beyond what anyone had even imagined possible.  A product that, when it  finally launched, cost upwards of 300% more than its only competitors at the time.  People camped outside of stores to buy it Apple Inc. was an upcoming shining star that forced companies far more prominent and more established to react to what Jobs had created. If you’re reading this on any mobile device, smartphone, or tablet, you ultimately have the no limits mentality and leadership that revolutionized the way we live to thank for it.  

The hallmarks of the Inspirational Leaders.   

They build excellent teams and motivate their staff to excel. Theintuitively know how to develop individual talents and delegate tasks that result in optimum production and fulfillment.  They possess a knack for quick decision making.  Yes, they make mistakes, but they openly own them with a sense of humility and learn from their errors.  

The mission of the Inspirational Leader. 

Inspirational leaders provide vision, evoke passion, and cultivate purpose.   

There’s a difference between giving orders and stirring others to act.   A true leader instills a sense of purpose that extends beyond staying busy from 9-5.  They can create the kind of enthusiasm and dedication that propels a team to get excited about any task, even if it is making rocks from sand.  

A tyrant uses fear and discipline to keep their crew busy and get the job done. A leader figures out how what makes their team “tick” and uses that to motivate them to become the best rock makers in the country.   

They cultivate a sense of passion and purpose for the impact their rocks will have on human lives.  Their team doesn’t believe they “have to” make rocks, but that they “get to” participate in an environmentally sustainable mission that improves the quality of human existence.    

This team is confident that they are on a journey with you on this, and you recognize that you will never be able to accomplish this goal without themThese employees’ sense of worth and contribution run deep, and in turn, they want to produce great things with you and for you! 

Inspirational Leaders bring clarity and direction. 

As a leader, your job is to shed light and clarity where there is chaos.  Learn to coach your team by working closely with them and developing open and two-way communication.  

Let your team see you as human, and you will create trust. Remember they are human too, be willing to offer support both professionally and personally when they come to you.  

Get to know them as people with roles outside of the workplace, and you will develop respect. 

Talk to every team member in their ‘language’ and build robust bond with them. Make sure to celebrate critical milestones, so everyone feels honored and celebrated, and you will win their loyalty 

Inspirational Leaders believe in their team. 

A smart leader knows that they are will reap far greater rewards when they focus on people’s strengths while giving minimal attention to their weaknesses.  Delegate responsibilities that challenge one’s natural talents and abilities, and you will foster satisfaction. 

Be liberal but sincere with praise and conservative with criticism.   Your team will come to believe you have confidence in them. This will boost their confidence in themselves and spark creativity because there is less fear of making a mistake.  

When there is a crisis, the inspirational leader rises above flawed responses and shows compassion.  They are candid about the realities and treat all with respect and in a way to bring out the best in them.  They can tell employees what they need to know, as holding back would be a real disservice. However, they do it in a way that is transparent and honest, intending to do the highest good for all involved. 

Inspirational Leaders invest in their people. 

Invest in your people. Be it personal or professional skills, set them up for success by making sure they have what they need to succeed.  In other words, if you feel like they lack something to excel, check yourself first before you blame them. 

In conjunction with a “customer-satisfaction” service modal, savvy leaders place employee satisfaction on par with customer service and revenue.  Why?  Because they know that without their team, there are no customers to serve or revenue!    

The rewards of being a truly Inspiring Leader.  

Look at the great leaders around you. How many of them are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things Sure, some appear to be exceptional in every way, but the truth is, with the right combination of drive, ambition, and passion, you can learn to lead.  You are the author of your book, and with a healthy amount of self-awareness, emotional intelligence,  and self-love, you create your world.  

Being a leader is a great way to bring about positive change not only in your own life but also in other people’s lives. 

  • Leaders turn possibility into reality. Because they take the initiative and are go-getters, they have a vision and chase it with the confidence to take risks.   
  • They command respect and authority and are typically looked up to.   

The best part… 

  • They make a positive change in everyone’s life, not just their own. The best leaders find win-win situations that work for their staff, the board, and the end-users. 

Final thoughts 

Leadership is not about the authority or the respect you command; neither is it about the way you change the way people perceive you. It’s about the positive impact you leave on people and the influence you have on their lives.  

You don’t need to change who you are to be an inspirational leader or have a meaningful impact on your own life or others around you.  In fact, you are better to lean in to the best of who you are and give that to those you inspire.   The qualities that make you exceptionally YOU are the characteristics that have the most meaningful impact on yours and others’ lives. 

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