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Who do you call when you need help?  

Who do you call when you have a broken pipe at home? Where do you go when you need a haircut? What if you were looking for legal advice? Would you ask a friend? A neighbor? Your spouse? Only if they happened to be a plumber, hairdresser, or lawyer, right? So why not enlist professional help to reach your life goals? It’s not always best to rely on families or friends to support us in achieving our dreams and goals, so where are we supposed to turn? Why not try working with a personal life coach?

A certified life coach is a trained professional that guides goal-oriented people to meet or exceed their personal and professional goals. They aspire to help you reach your goals in the most efficient, effective, and rewarding way possible.

Who couldn’t use a push sometimes or benefit from fresh ideas that are outside the box? What would it be like to have someone detached and objective to hold you accountable to your commitments?

THAT someone is a personal life-coach!


What does a Life Coach do?  

Life coaches help clients identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities. They help you get out of your head and act.  They are like a teacher, motivator, think-tank collaborator, accountability partner, and your personal cheerleader, all in one. 

You will set smarter goals than you will on your own. 

 A life coach will help you uncover what you truly desire and separate that from what you think you “should” do but are not passionate about. They will help boost your confidence and motivation to pursue your passion! 

They will help you gain clarity on your priorities and identify your key motivators to keep you on track. Staying true to your values is energizing and motivating, and they will help you get clear on what those goals are.

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Why work with a Life Coach?   You’ll get there faster and save time reaching your goals.  

Sure, you will invest a little of your time and money, but it will pay dividends! You are less likely to make mistakes or use time inefficiently with the assistance of a coach. The most precious resource we have that cannot ever be recovered is time.  

Maybe you are someone who wastes time in procrastination.  Or, maybe you work very hard but not always very smart.  A personal coach can keep you motivated and laser-focused on the best way to achieve your goal. We all “hit a wall” at some point in our journey, and having support will keep you from getting complacent, or simply “stuck.” 

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Investing in coaching will save you money in the long run!   

How much money have you spent on gimmicky ideas promising miracles? Have you invested in resources you later found out you didn’t really need them? What about purchasing expensive options thinking they were better, only to find more practical ways to accomplish the same end? What has not reaching your goal sooner cost you? 

Having people who have accomplished their own dreams give you their undivided attention and help you strategize can have a profound impact on your journey. A personal coach will help you discern what you really need vs. what marketers are persuading you to buy into.

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You will break through the limiting beliefs and fears that have kept you from success in the past. 

Do you dream about changing careers but think you’re too old? Would you love to be rich, but deep down, believe rich people are greedy? Have you tried to get in shape but believe that not being successful in the past means you will never reach your health and fitness goals? These are only a few examples of the thousands of limitations and fears people often give in to, most of the time, without even knowing it.  

Meeting a goal is seldom about having the information. If you want to change careers, finding the school the offers the program is the easy part. Facing the fears or limiting beliefs that get in the way…not so easy! Ask anyone who has tried to lose weight about nutrition; most of them can recite a medical journal description of calories eaten and/or calories burned. Does that get them there? Nope, because it’s the internal beliefs that trigger behaviors that need to be overcome. It’s nearly impossible to do this alone, but a life coach will provide a safe space to explore what’s running in the background and make impactful changes. 

When should you reach out?  

Do you need a personal life coach? Maybe, maybe not.  

Where do you want to be a year from now? Is your life today what you’d hoped for last year?  

As a result of making impactful changes and meeting your goals, you will be happier in many areas of your life. Through the coaching process, you will reduce stress and anxiety. You will have a more profound sense of satisfaction because you are living authentically and in line with your values. You will become more influential and attractive to others. As you breakthrough limiting beliefs and gain momentum in creating the life of your true heart’s desire, you will naturally draw attention, and people will react to you as a person of leadership and authority. Whether you embark on a new career or simply find a better work-life balance, you will see that coaching works! The way you experience life will be more positive and gratifying than ever before. 

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The Vision of Life Coach Library is to make the online life coaching experience a WIN WIN for EVERYONE! By offering convenience and heart-felt support, while being fair-minded , clients and coaches can co-create action plans that result in improved well-being, enhancing the lives of individuals and having a positive impact on the world! 

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Reach out to us, we’re happy to help!


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