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Presentation Skills Coaching

Research suggests that targeted one-to-one coaching is one of the most effective methods of presentation skills development. Individual presentation skills coaching can help even the most experienced presenter to fine tune their skills and to prepare for a presentation, debate, or any type of public speaking engagement.

Beginners will learn to hone the fundamentals of effective presentations:

  • Develop quality and engaging content
  • Create powerful openings, closings, and seamless transitions.
  • Effective delivery with props and/or visuals
  • Overcoming the fear of speaking in public or large audience
  • Mastering your own body language & tone of voice
  • Building rapport with diverse audiences.
  • Asking, answering, and managing questions

By working with a coach, you can work on your own individual areas for development and to experiment with new strategies and techniques in a supportive environment. You will also can rehearse for specific presentations and receive guidance and feedback from your presentation skills coach, who will see you as your audience does.

Some benefits of working with a presentation skills coach:

  • Increased confidence in your own strengths and abilities as a presenter
  • Greater awareness of your own strengths and areas for development
  • Opportunities to develop and rehearse specific presentations
  • In-depth personalized feedback from an experienced coach
  • Developing a strategy to develop your presentation skills
  • Objective feedback about your body language, mannerisms and gesture

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