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Congratulations! By registering at Life Coach Library, you now have access to the expertise of some of the most qualified coaches in the industry. Whether you’re looking for articles that offer tips and strategies to meet your goals, found a coach in our directory that you're ready to work with, or want us to match you with up to 3 of our coaches so you can choose the best fit for you, you are in the right place and well on your way to success!!

Why register on Life Coach Library:

Many other websites will match you with more than 10 coaches or leave you to sift through hundreds of profiles on your own. They are more concerned with their profit than your best interest. Life Coach Library was designed by coaches who really care about you! We have streamlined this process because we believe no one really has or wants to spend precious time and energy shifting through hundreds of profiles or being inundated by phone calls and emails.

What some sites do that we will never do:

  • Ask you to talk to a commissioned sales person
  • Purchase long, expensive coaching packages that promise miracles or a refund, yet only the most relentless ever get any money back.
  • Leave you only one option: browsing thousands of profiles to select potential coaches.
  • Overwhelm you with contact from almost a dozen coaches.
  • Charge coaches exorbitant fees to join, who in turn must charge high fees to cover their expenses.

Next Steps:

  • Register, only your name, a valid email address and phone are required. We’re confident you’ll want to stay connected to us to receive fabulous tips, strategies, and success solutions.
  • Fill out our questionnaire. This helps us find the best coaches for you.
  • You’ll be contacted by a maximum of 3 coaches who are qualified and experienced in the areas you look to improve and it’s absolutely FREE!
  • Speak to all 3 coaches, ask them questions, decide which coach you have the strongest synergy with.
  • Chose your best coach and start meeting your goals!
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