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Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching helps deepen communication and intimacy in every type of relationship

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What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationships affect people every day. Relationships are, in a way, a system. How one person relates typically has a direct impact on the other members in the relationship and how they will relate back. Think of a mobile, the kind that hangs over a baby’s crib. Imagine taking one piece and shaking it up and down. Now, imagine how that effects the way all the other pieces move. They start bouncing up and down right? Well, relationship dynamics are similar in many ways.

What does a Relationship Coach do?

Relationship coaches have experience in various relationship dynamics, from romantic to family relations, friendships, and professional interactions. Relationship coaching is the art and science of co-actively working with individuals, couples, partnerships and teams toward mutually defined goals. The goals coaches help clients achieve range from helping them find bliss in being single, dating, rekindling the spark in a marriage, or increasing professional and social possibilities with better communication skills.

Some of the most common topics a relationship coach will work with are:

• Communicating thoughts and feelings clearly

• Managing emotions so that they are not destructive

• Conflict resolution

• Creating and maintaining intimacy in personal relationships

• Changes in relationship status

Relationship coaches also work with people who are not yet in a relationship. They will work with singles who have a history of troubled relationships, who have difficulty knowing what they want in a relationship or just want to stay on track with their plan to find a deeper connection with someone.

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What if my significant other can’t or won’t come?

Sometimes not everyone in the relationship is invited or willing to be coached. It is not always necessary to do coaching with both partners in a relationship. Coaching often helps clients let go of painful thoughts and create their own relationship vision. This means clients are able to improve their relationships without their partner’s participation in the process. Other times coaches will meet with both partners and teach communication, conflict resolution and other skills meant for couples.

Either way, a coach can help you separate what you can and can’t control, guide you around painful issues or hidden resentments, and create a safe place for you to face any limitations or fears so that you may discover your true desires.

Some areas coaches specialize in:

1. Singles Coaching: Not all singles fit any stereotype. Some are single by choice, while others are divorced, widowed, or have given up on looking. If any of these are you, a coach creates the space to discover what you truly value and understands your unique goals and challenges.

2. Couples Coaching: As with singles, not all couples are alike. Some couples are simply “friends with benefits” while others are exclusive but have no long-term commitment, some are transitioning from dating to engagement. These couples often seek coaching because they desire to find a way to successfully solve problems and “live happily ever after.”

3. Family Coaching: This includes immediate and extended families, blended families, parenting & step-parenting, siblings, family businesses and co-housing arrangements.

4. Business Relationship Coaching: Business relationship coaching can include workplace relationships such as manager to employee, peer to peer, between corporate divisions, between teams, as well as customer and vendor relationships. Productive businesses require effective relationships. This leads to greater employee retention.

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Relationship Coaching is NOT Couples Therapy

Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service. The client (s) are assumed to be able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance.

How do I find a Relationship Coach?

There are many ways to find a coach. One is by referral. Another is a simple web search. The key to finding the right coach is to talk to a few of them. We recommend three. When looking for a relationship coach, you really need to find someone you can relate to, who you enjoy talking to and who has experience and training in your area of concerns. Also, the fees that relationship coaches charge vary so make sure you find one who meets your budget needs. At Life Coach Library, you simply register and fill out our questionnaire. We will match you with three coaches who will give you a free consultation. Our service is completely free, and we are confident you will find a coach you love!

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