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creative consciousness
How it applies to everyday people just like  YOU-
By: Delina Dimova, Creative Consciousness Coach

Creative Consciousness is an infinite source of ideas, perspectives, and practices that are tried and tested by everyday people just like you.  These tools change how you experience daily life, resulting in feeling lighter, having an easier life, and even becoming wealthier.

Sometimes Creative Consciousness can be called Unity Consciousness. No matter which you name it, it’s essence stays the same. It will always provide you with what you need in every given moment.

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Consciousness in and of itself is the omnipresent field all around us. However, creativity is the coming of something out of nothing. Think about it, you have nothing, and then you do something with that nothing, and it becomes something.  Therefore, you have created something. 

Now, let’s go a little deeper.   You just changed nothing into something, right?  Is it not still nothing but in a different form?  We don’t know how nothing turns to something; we just know what to do and do it intuitively.

A Universal “Data-base” of positive intentions

Around the world, people create amazing experiences and opportunities.  When they do, energetically, it becomes available to everyone.  Think of it as a universal database of Creative Consciousness.  One that we are all uploading our divine talents to.  Therefore, we make them vibrationally accessible to kindred spirits across the globe. 

Now, here is this universal system that we all have access to. How do we access it?  We can tap into it by asking and answering empowering questions.


So let me talk about those questions for a bit. If anyone can access Creative Consciousness through questioning, then what exactly should one ask? One of the best questions to start with is ‘What do I need?’ followed by ‘How do I feel?’ and you could ultimately ask, ‘How can I serve you?’.

Here are some other provocative open-ended questions one might ask themselves:

  • What would open up for me if I said no?   (meaning if I say “no” to you, possibly I am saying “yes” to myself). 

You can finish that same thought with infinite possibilities; the idea is to explore your deepest desire.   “What would open up for me if I went to that party, or if I changed careers”, you get it!  

Or you could ask yourself this question:
  • “What can I acknowledge, let go of, or decide to feel free right now? “   Use this to re-center yourself when you’re feeling restless or annoyed.  Of course, you don’t have to use “feel free,” you can use any positively stated feeling you wish to experience.   

Positively stated, means being clear about what you do want, and not giving energy to what you don’t want.    Let me explain:  if you got into a taxi cab and told the driver where you don’t want to go, like “I don’t want to go to the train station,” she/he would get pretty confused, right? You have to get in and say, “I want to go to the airport.”  You’ll get there much quicker for sure.   Creative Consciousness is similar in that it responds to positive intentions.

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Law of attraction coaches explore Creative Consciousness through open-ended questions. They’ll ask questions like, “What is possible?” “What do you want to create?” or “Where do you want to be 1 year from now?”

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This system expresses our highest intentions.  They all come from a spirit of love with the intention to manifest the highest good.  In essence, this “database” is only to serve us and never to impede our growth. It provides us with everything we need in every given moment just as soon as we remember to tap into it.

Anytime we come back to that (above) question that resonates with us, and we sit with it for a little bit, asking it over and over again, we will access the Creative Consciousness within us, and we will find answers. 

On some level, we are all seeking answers.  Anyone willing to find them can uncover them through Creative Consciousness.  Sure, some people consider themselves more logical and rational than spiritual or “heart-cantered,” but they too access Creative Consciousness without even realizing it.   

Find inner peace…

So many people get overwhelmed by life, and they could find peace by practicing Creative Consciousness.

Photo: Harry Parvin

For example, think of the person who has a hard time saying “no.”   Maybe that person is you.  A friend or co-worker asks you for help, and before you know if, you’ve agreed and taken on one more thing.  By itself, it’s not a huge task, but you’ve already got a very long to-do list.   So then, you tell yourself that you’ll “do it later” and start to procrastinate. This is one of several perfect scenarios that Creative Consciousness applies to you. 

Imagine for a moment the nothing out of something creation.   Here it would be to simply say to your friend or co-worker that you already have so much to do. You would love to help, but instead, you say not to them so that you can say yes to yourself. You suggest they ask someone else. This is one creation whereby you refer them to someone else and therefore complete the energy with love.

Also, you have created space for yourself to complete the projects you got going on. You will probably feel good about creating this space and release yourself from feeling bad that you didn’t take on your friend’s task. Stop and consider, is it possible that you added value to both your life and your co-workers/friends? 

Breakthrough lack mentality

How is this not so much better than taking on the task and stressing out, wasting energy to come up with excuses to avoid and procrastinate doing it because you’re even more overwhelmed? You’re feeling disempowered, your friend/co-worker is waiting on you, and nothing is getting done. You did not create a solution for your friend’s task, and you did not create a solution for your other tasks.    You’ve created a situation where you are “stuck.”, commonly referred to as  Limited Consciousness or Lack Mentality.

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with either path,   Interestingly enough, even in the most painful situations are positives because we are building up the pressure to reach the tipping point. That peak is what inspires change.

Lack mentality, limiting beliefs, and the fear of saying no to someone are real everyday person predicaments. I sympathize with that, and I wish nothing but the best for the world, every day.

 Creative Consciousness wishes the best for the world every day, in every situation, just waiting on standby for you to tap into it.

creative consciousness

There are so many other characteristics of living in alignment with creativity.  I’m sure you can add something, and trust me it will be part of Creative Consciousness in action.

As always, though, it’s all well and said, but we need to apply these actions to our daily lives to see results.  Information is never enough; it takes motion.

Finally thoughts

I would like to clarify that every successful person started off as an everyday person and his or her own reality. Even the richest man Jeff Bezos, was an ordinary person until he became rich one day. So, I am looking to eliminate any degree of separation between this person or that person and instead remind us that we are one.

I love you very much. Thank you for reading and Namaste.


About Delina Dimova, Creative Consciousness Coach

From Bulgaria, Delina studied psychology and computers in the United Kingdom.  She is a certified Creative Consciousness coach whom clients describe as an idealist, full of passion and of high vibrational energy. Her lifelong passion is to help others achieve what they set out to.

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