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Who Hires a Life Coach – Every Award Winner

Celebrities Who Have Openly Used Life Coaches

Some of the most amazing and successful people we all know have advanced their careers with the help of coaches. They know they must perform optimally to get and stay successful and just like the rest of us, benefit from the collaboration and co-creation with a coach to prioritize goals and strategies and make the best decisions.

This is only a list of some of the celebs who have openly talked about having a coach. Life coaching is a very confidential relationship, but these celebs have openly shared their experience. There are likely thousands more.

1. Former President Bill Clinton sought the guidance of a coach Tony Robbins to make the tough decisions that would impact not only his own life, but that of the American people.

2. Oprah Winfrey attributes much of her success and finding her true life’s purpose to her life coach, Martha Beck.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar award winning actor, producer, and environmentalist, was coached throughout the process of becoming masterful in what he does.

4. What do Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, and Tiger Woodsall have in common? You guessed it! In addition to having athletic coaches help the master their sport, they had a team of coaches who helped them persist and persevere through their victories and defeats.

5. Nicolas Cage hired a coach to help perfect his performance in a role that was unfamiliar to him. Playing an alcoholic, he needed someone with experience and expertise to refine the nuances and as a result, his performance was credible and authentic.

6. Nia Long: Long has been an actress for over 20 years, and she says she learned how to live a fulfilled, happy life as a result of working with a coach.

7. Danny Bonaduce: Former “The Partridge Family” star, Danny Bonaduce, was involved with drug use, had run-ins with the law and for a time was homeless. A life coach was able to help him get himself back on the straight and narrow and he now is a coach himself.

8. Hugh Jackman: yep, worked with a coach 😊

9. Von Miller: The Denver Broncos star linebacker made some bad decisions that got him into trouble that started to affect his career. Fortunately, he made a great decision and got a coach, who helped him make better choices. He was later voted Super Bowl 50 MVP.

10. Metallica: Like a lot of rock bands, the members of Metallica certainly had their differences. With the help of a life coach, they were able to focus on what brought them together instead of what would drive them apparat. A documentary called “Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster.” detailed what the band endured.

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